Tantric Erotic Sensual Massage Services Worcestershire

You will enjoy so much the feeling of gentle hands nude bodies pressed together, rubbing across your entire body awakening every sense and sensual emotion and energy, creating a burning desire that needs your Tantric Touch.

Erotic Touching and Teasing: To gently and subtly arouse your senses, touching every inch of your energy, working your body head to toe, teasing your senses with touch to bring every inch of your being to life. Erotic teasing will gently build the sexual anticipation inside you and will take you closer to full mind and body pleasure, simply by bringing your mind and body to the present moment and working the energies within your body. If you envision trying to boil water, and the water reaches a point were the bubbles are about to form, but then you quickly turn the burner down to simmer, this is exactly what Tantra want to accomplish with Teasing.

Tantric Massage & My Erotic Massage Techniques

Although I have undergone many massage training courses I still bring many of my own special techniques to my sessions and am continually told that my take on the tantric massage is very well interpolated.


I very much look forward to introducing you to my tantric sensual and erotic massage experience.





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Tantric Exotic Massage for Worcestershire and The West Midlands


Disabled Friendly

I am able to offer all and any of my massage services to disabled clientele throughout Worcestershire and in reasonable travelling distance. I am experienced in lifting and handling and am happy to offer all of my massage and holistic therapies to those with all types of disability including wheelchair users at your home, carehome or hotel. Carers welcome to attend appointments.


Massage 60 min's

To unwind and de stress this is the perfect introduction to a wonderful Tantric Erotic Sensual Massage


Massage 60 min's

To unwind and de stress this is the full introduction to a wonderful Tantric Erotic Sensual Massage


Massage 90 min's

To unwind and de stress this is the ultimate experience to a wonderful Tantric Erotic Sensual Massage


The Intense and Wonderful Lingham Massage included on request. This is all about learning to receive pleasure.

The Special Intimate Lingham Massage: This is a tender and erotic massage for the whole of the mans most sensitive area's including full testicle, perineum, and the Sacred Spot massage ( equivalent of the female G-spot ), this will allow you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may never have experienced before. From this perspective, both receiver and giver relax into the massage, the man will learn how to relax and receive. Traditional male sexual conditioning has the man in a goal orientated mode. The lingham massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience total pleasure which will allow you to release the full build up of sexual energy with a full body mind blowing orgasmic release. You will explore your sacred spot, and your sacred space, this will help with life and sexual energies balance using a number of tantric erotic techniques that can stimulate and create intensely deep emotions and sensations. This massage is designed to be intensely pleasurable for the receiver and will help create the ultimate orgasm but also brings with it healing properties. When massage techniques are sensually initiated they will reach deeply to the pleasure sensors.

The Prostate Massage: This very intimate massage has many sensual and therapeutic benefits, the prostate gland is involved in the male sexual response, and this massage explores the male G-spot helping you discover intense pleasure and a powerful tool to help with premature ejaculation. The Prostate Massage is taken very very slowly and gently, and preferably over a number of sessions. This is a very special tender and personal area and needs the softest and gentle techniques.
The lingham  massage is about learning to receive, to take all pressure off the man to perform. My erotic and sensual prostate massage is also highly beneficial to those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, and even depression.